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Common Problems and Error Messages

"Could not establish a compatible set of Network Protocols"

This is one of the most frequently displayed error messsages for dial-up networking. There are several possible reasons for this error message. The most frequent configuration problems are listed below. Check the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more detailed information on this problem and how to solve it in your unique situation.

1. Locate the My Computer icon on your Desktop. Double-click on the My Computer icon.

My Computer Window

2. A window similar to the one below will appear. Locate and Double-click the Control Panel icon.

My Computer Window

3. Locate and Double-click the Network icon.

Control Panel Window

4. When the Network window appears, ensure that you have at least the Client for Microsoft Networks, Dial-Up Adapter, and TCP/IP installed and properly configured as indicated earlier on this site. If any protocols are missing, add them. Also please search through the list for TCP/IP being listed more than once. If you have a network card installed, you may see an entry similar to "TCP/IP --> Network Card Name". This means that TCP/IP is bound to the network card. An entry of "TCP/IP --> Dialup Adapter" means that TCP/IP is installed to the dialup adapter. If you have an entry of "NetBEUI --> Dialup Adapter" or "IPX/SPX Compatible --> Dialup Adapter", highlight and remove them. Under normal applications you do not want to bind IPX/SPX or NetBEUI to the dialup adapter. This could certainly cause the error message above.

Network Window

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"Computer is not receiving a response from the modem"

If using an external modem, make sure that your modem is turned on and that your computer is connected to the line input jack on your modem. If it is, verify the proper setup according to the instructions below.

1. Locate the My Computer icon on your Desktop. Double-click on the My Computer icon.

My Computer Window

2. Double-click the Dial-Up Networking folder.

My Computer Window

3. Highlight the Network Richmond icon, using the mouse, right-click and choose Properties..

Dial-up Networking Window

4. When a window similar to the one below appears, click the Configure button to bring up the modem properties.

Network Richmond Window

5. Click the Connection tab at top and in the lower-right corner, click the Advanced button.

Modem Properties Window

6. Consult your modem document for the proper initialization string for PPP or TCP/IP connections.

7. In the Extra settings field, type z, followed by the initialization string from the manual. If you do not have your modem's users manual, some of the common entries are ATZ, AT&F1 or AT&F. You should exercise caution before making these changes.

8. Click the OK button to write the changes.

Advanced Connection Window

9. Click the OK button to exit the Modem properties window.

10. If your dialer now connects to the Internet, you should be able to use your Internet applications.
If this does not work, you can check the modem using the Microsoft Hyperterminal program and the directions below to verify that the modem is working. You can also call our technical service department at 804-672-8000 for on-site assistance. Your modem may have been damaged or your system software corrupted. Our on-site engineers are available at reasonable rates to assist with these problems.

11. Click the Start button, select Programs, then Accessories. Windows 98 users will use Start, Programs, Accessories, Communications, and then Hyperterminal

12. Click the Hyperterminal icon.

13. For Name, use Internet Test as indicated below.

Connection Description Window

14. Click the OK button to enter Hyperterminal.

15. Enter any number you would like to call, or your own number as a test just to see if the modem will dial.

Connect To Window

16. Click the OK button and then the Dial button.

Connect Window

17. If your modem does not dial, the modem is not working properly. If it does dial, there is most likely a configuration problem with Dial-Up Networking and you should call NetworkRichmond.Com Technical Support at 804-672-8000 to check your configuration or to request an on-site engineer visit

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